Since May 31st 2013 the peaceful and legitimate demonstrations are tried to be suppressed by the police. The police forces are using chemical gases savagely on the unprotected civil masses.
Before complete blockage of health assistance to the injured people and the preclusion of the functioning of health services by the police attacks, that took place once more again on the night of June 15th , Turkish Medical Association was started a web based survey in order to disclose the dangerous health effects of these gases targeted at defenseless people and in one week period, over 11 thousand of people declared that they have been effected by the gas.
65% of the repliers were between 20-29 years of age and professional protecting mask usage was only 13%. The total duration of exposure was evaluated among 11.164 replies. 53% declared that they have exposed to the chemical gases 1-8 hours where 11% exposed more than 20 hours. Exposing the chemical gases more than one day increases the prevalance of the systemic symptoms, especially cardiovasculer symptoms. These data shows the dimensions of the problem.
Before the 15th of June disaster the total number of injuries were 788 (%7). These data shows that the gas bombs were targeted the people. Many of them were the injuries of head, face, eyes, thorax and abdomen which could be fatal. 20% of the injuries were open sores and fractures.
Only 5% of the people were admitted to hospitals. The tagging of the people who are admitting to the hospitals is preventing people from going to the hospitals in order to ask medical assistance. Ministry of Health opened an investigation about Istanbul Chamber of Medicine which is organizing the volunteer physiciansʼ work. In Istanbul one physician an done medical student handcuffed and detained. There are many other informations about the detaining of health care staff. These data shows the witch-hunt in Turkey.
Turkish Medical Association making calls to the government to act responsibly and stop the barbaric violence immediately. As Turkish Medical Association it is our responsibility to inform the international community. We urgently call the international community to act against brutal suppression of democratic demands.
Turkish Medical Association